Mix & match: looking for a trendy alternative to floor laminate?

Looking for a floor with a unique look? At Chipps, we put classic OSB boards in a new look. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a board material that consists of several layers of wood chips joined together with a binding agent, such as glue, to form a board. Chipps' OSB panels feature handsome designs. Think prints that look like parquet floors and mosaic tiles, to eccentric floral patterns. 

Want something different from regular laminate flooring? We offer more than 50 unique designs for our OSB boards at Chipps. We'd like to introduce you to some of them. 

Chipps'N Fish

The Chipps'N Fish is a creative twist on the classic herringbone parquet that instantly brightens up your interior with some color. The other distinctive designs from the GRILL WOODCHIP and CHIPPS'N FISH collections also make a beautiful accent of warm wood colors in your interior.

Golden Patels

Go full-on luxurious with our marble prints, such as Golden Patels. The "STAY CLASSY SAN DIEGO" collection features even more classy designs with impressive colors and a unique veining pattern.


Bring a subtle Mediterranean vibe into your home with our GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE SUN collection. The Lisboa Chipps combine neutral tones with bright accents, and with their tile design you'll bring a southern vibe into your home.

Mix & Match

Our OSB floors can also be perfectly combined with other wooden floors. This way you create a very unique look that highlights the design of the room!

The advantages of an OSB floor

OSB is an environmentally friendly and ecological material. By using Chipps in your interior you lose no time in gluing, painting, wallpapering or tiling, and there is no drying time. Other works can continue as normal because of this. Chipps is therefore not only labor-saving, energy-saving, cost-saving but also durable and comfortable. Chipps OSB panels are therefore an excellent alternative to floor laminate!

Curious about our versatile collection of floor and wall panels?

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View our collections

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