What does OSB stand for?

Anyone who has ever wandered into a DIY shop or done some remodelling themselves will probably have heard of OSB. But what exactly is OSB and what does the abbreviation actually stand for? 

OSB is a board material made of wood shavings that are pressed into a board under high pressure. It also contains a binding agent, usually in the form of a strong resin, to hold the flakes together. OSB boards are a popular solution for finishing walls, but the material is also ideally suited for making floors and roofs.  

The abbreviation OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board. The abbreviation owes its name to the direction in which the wood fibres lie. In an OSB board, the wood fibres of the outer layer are all oriented towards the board length. The other fibres may lie in a different direction.

Perfect flooring material

At Chipps, we put the classic OSB board in a (re)new(ed) look. Our OSB floor panels bring the design of your room to the fore. What's more, our panels are also suitable for heavy commercial use. In addition, Chipps floors are also eco-friendly and ecologically sound. 

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