Guide: in 3 steps to a cleaned wood floor

Good maintenance extends the life of a wooden floor. By regularly giving your floor a thorough cleaning, you can avoid premature wear and keep your floor looking like new. In 3 simple steps you will have a perfectly cleaned floor. 

1. Vacuum regularly 

Regular vacuuming prevents sand and pebbles from being left on your wooden floor. When you walk on sand or pebbles, the dirt actually acts like sandpaper that can damage the top layer of wood. This will cause the floor to scratch or dull more quickly. So to avoid this, it is important to regularly vacuum away all the dirt. To do this, use an attachment with a soft brush. 

2. Mop with a damp cloth

When you have removed all the coarse dirt with the hoover, you can start mopping. You don't need much for this. Use a slightly damp cloth and lukewarm water with a little natural soap. Change the water if it gets too cloudy. This will ensure that your floor is optimally cleaned. 

Be careful not to use too much water. A soaking wet mop quickly creates puddles on the floor. The water can then more easily penetrate between the grooves of the wood.  

3. Use a suitable product for wood

Not all products are equally suitable for cleaning wood. Never use cleaning products based on ammonia, bleach or chlorine. These products often do more harm than good. We recommend the Hydro Cleaner for the maintenance of our wooden floors. This product not only cleans the floor, but also gives it a naturally polished look. 

Check out our Hydro Cleaner

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