Chipps for outside locations, test report, and product film

It is well known that Chipps from Zonhoven redesigns floors, walls, and ceilings completely with its trendy OSB panels. What is less well known is that a number of these boards are also suitable for outdoor use. And so, with summer on the way, they are ideal for responding to applications for event and other outdoor locations e.g. pop-up bars, covered terraces, outdoor rooms, pool houses, etc.  

Chipps for outside locations
Chipps for outside locations

Temporary constructions are livened up with the various low maintenance (only cleaning vinegar or pure water will suffice) boards from the ‘I do believe in Fairies’ series. This series includes five images which are specially adapted to outdoor use and at the same time provide a ‘Staycation’ atmosphere. These boards have a guaranteed delivery term of a maximum of 15 days.

Product Film

You can view a film clip on YouTube with commentary by Sophie Weygers, architect at -a-tract architecture.

Chipps & -a-tract

Test Report

Other news at Chipps is that all test reports on the boards are now available. These test reports in Dutch, French, and English are available on request and illustrate the strengths of the boards down to the last detail.

You can always request the reports.


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